Current Conditions as of 6:30pm on 12/12/17
Station Info:
Temperature 29.1°F (24 hour change: -16.0)
Normal High/Low (Asheville): 0/0
Record High/Low (Asheville): 0/0

Snow Hill

Wind SE at 6 mph gusting to 10 mph 35° 17' 51"
83° 24' 07"
Humidity 64% (24 hour change: 8%)
35.297 / 83.402
18.5°F (24 hour change: -11.8)

Elev: 2727'

Sunrise: 7:33am
Barometer 29.86 inches (24 hour change: -0.11 inches)
Sunset: 5:21pm
Rain (last hour) 0.00 inches  
Eclipse Day Video (8/21/2017)
Mountain Point Forecasts from NWS GSP
Historical Weather Information
Archived Information
High Temperature 42.8°F at 11:48am 54.4°F at 3:02pm 63.2°F on 12/3/17 89.1°F on 7/21/17

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Low Temperature 29.1°F at 6:27pm 32.1°F at 12:00am 20.6°F on 12/10/17 8.8°F on 1/8/17
Detailed Annual and Monthly Summary Page
Peak Wind (mph) 24 at 3:44pm 17 at 12:38am 24 on 12/12/17 29 on 1/29/17
Total Rain (inches) 0.00 N/A 1.41 54.50 (since Jan. 1)
Max Heat Index 45.4°F at 11:46am 54.8°F at 3:02pm 64.3°F on 12/2/17 97.3°F on 7/21/17
Archived Snow Hill Weather Station data
Min Wind Chill 19.5°F at 6:19pm 24.0°F at 12:38am 12.6°F on 12/9/17 -0.2°F on 1/8/17
Area Weather Information
Macon County Forecast (from NWS Greenville-Spartanburg)


Ob Time: 12/12/2017 05:25pm 12/12/2017 04:54pm
Sky Scattered Clouds Few Clouds
Weather: None reported None reported
Temp: 33.8°F 35.6°F
Humidity: 51% 51%
Wind NW 9 mph NW 18 mph
Gusts: 19 mph 28 mph
Hourly Rain: --- inches --- inches
Visibility: 10 miles 10 miles
Barometer: 29.86 inches 29.77 inches
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